Tax Advice for SMEs and Family Run Businesses

We are conscious of the important interaction between the long term value of your investments and the tax burden suffered on investment returns. The variety of legal structures within which your investments are held (Companies, Trusts, Pensions etc.) will impact on your wealth accumulation and preservation in a significant way over the long term.

Our approach in providing investment advice is to work with you, your accountant or existing advisor and where the situation merits it, expert tax professionals with specialist knowledge.  We seek to maximise after tax returns by identifying:

  • Opportunities to restructure the manner in which earned income is shared between spouses on an annual basis to fully utilise all available allowances and reliefs.  For owner directors we seek opportunities to maximise capital funding sources to meet living expenses thus reducing the requirement to draw down income at higher tax rates.
  • Changes to existing legal ownership structures (personal versus corporate) for holding assets between you and family owned companies.
  • Maximise use of available tax reliefs in relation to succession planning, and in doing so ensure maximum tax free cash can be unlocked from family companies.
  • For more complex cases introduce the concept of discretionary trust vehicles, where such a vehicle can meet your family care objectives and Will structuring.
  • Optimum pension vehicle choice (Directors Scheme, PRSA, etc.) and the set up and closure of different pension vehicles at optimum times to ensure tax free roll up is maximised within such funds.
  • Tax mitigation opportunities on acquisition and disposal of assets (minimisation of taxable gains and matching of losses).
  • Bespoke tax planning strategies following detailed review of personal and corporate statement of assets.

In our experience, every case reviewed, will lead to manageable and implementable tax strategies which yield a reduction in the effect of tax on your overall personal wealth.


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