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Retail Clients

Jan 2014:

This pullback in the markets is presenting an opportunity for clients to get back in.

We still like our target level of 3,300 for the DJ EuroStoxx50 within next 3 quarters.

I know plenty still feel market is ‘over-bought’ but we just do not see a significant negative catalyst to see this market lower.

Euro weakness may also support a Euro market rally.

Services to Retail Clients

  • Whether a HNW or starting out investing for your future, we along with you, take ownership of investment decisions and so stand over our advice
  • Making the correct investment decisions can start the right chain of events within the life cycle of your investment portfolio that will help you deliver on your financial objectives, taking the wrong advice can lead to areas of no return.
  • Financial Planning offers a support network to those who are looking for help in making the right decisions about their future.

We offer advice to those who do not feel comfortable taking any risk to those who want aggressive growth with their money invested.