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Pension Advice

Passive Pension Fund Mgt, Active Pension Fund Mgt or are you Actively Passive?

Review your Pension Fund once a year, and you have probably answered the first question as to why you are underperforming.

Fees, fees and more fees – someone is doing well with your pension pot.

Are you underfunded and have lost faith in pensions?

We can help!

Pension Advice

  • Whether corporate / group / individual pension schemes, we aim to deliver clarity to you so you can face and understand the investment decisions that you need to make
  • We highlight the huge disconnect between pension & investment fund performance and the disconnect clients have in addressing the issues relating to these financial instruments
  • Those sold products highlighting a pool of money at the end of the product life @ 6%pa growth which have never achieved even close to this, these consequences will eventually sit in front of you if you do not address