Best Financial are a bespoke Investment, Foreign Exchange & Financial Advisory Company. Whether you are an individual investor or corporate entity looking for trusted advice, we work FOR you and work WITH you, with the aim to deliver TO you.

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Investment Services

Not all Equity markets are the same!

Performance of main Equity markets for 2011…

  • Europe – 17.5%
  • US       + 0.5%
  • Asia      – 18.5%

Do you know where your money is?

Independent Investment Services

Our Independent Investment Advisory service incorporates the following points:

  • Our objective is simply to deliver what we promise.
  • We explain to you how  investment products work and how your money works for you
  • We highlight who gets paid for doing what irrespective of results
  • We highlight what are the consequences of not delivering on objectives sold
  • How powerful your money is to institutions and what they should be doing to attract your business
  • We highlight investment products that most advisors do not understand nor carry in their portfolio
  • We understand risk, therefore can offer advice on HF’s, Structured Products and how these products need an allocation in your portfolio alongside your traditional investments