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Investment Ideas and Tactics

Investment Ideas and Tactics

A unique ABL fund that focuses on the Premium Farming Sector in the UK

  • Zero correlation to the stock / bond markets
  • AUM in excess of £250mm
  • Has yielded a Net of Fees return of 0.5% EVERY month for the past 60 months (6%pa, net of fees)
  • Very strong management team who specialise in this space
  • Ideal for Pension / ARF investors
  • All major currencies available
Structured Investment tracking EuroStoxx50 (Twin Win)
  • 230% Equity Participation above 3,115 approx levels
  • EuroStoxx fall less than 29% from 3,115 levels also turns into positive return (1 for 1), so 15% fall yields 15% gain on investment
  • 1 for 1 loss thereafter.
  • Ideal for those looking at investing in European recovery but positive downside protection