Best Financial are a bespoke Investment, Foreign Exchange & Financial Advisory Company. Whether you are an individual investor or corporate entity looking for trusted advice, we work FOR you and work WITH you, with the aim to deliver TO you.

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Hedge Fund & Alternative Investment Advisory

Need more control of large lump sum investments!

We can build you a bespoke investment product – you tell us

  • What markets you want exposure to
  • What level of capital guarantee you feel comfortable with
  • What level of return you are targeting
  • What term of investment suits your needs

And we will build this for you!

Alternative Investment Advisory

(Hedge Funds, ETF’s, Structured Products)

What are Alternative Investment Products and why should we be investing in these?

These products are devised to offer an alternative to those products that are highly correlated to equity & bond markets. Simply they help diversify your exposure and most importantly help deliver like for like performance stats with traditional investment products but in a way that carries less risk.

With High risk investment vehicles along with some traditional investment vehicles, general misconception is that it is the underlying product that carries most of the risk, when in fact it is the ‘driver’ (the individual fund manager) of that vehicle that can contribute to the lions’ share of such risk.

We assist in highlighting Risk & Performance to you and how they go hand in hand.